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About Adrian Hargreaves

There was a time when people used to talk about 'planning' their career and I like many people tried to do the same. I did so by getting a good business education (including The Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma) and building a solid CV by working in a variety of challenging roles with some well-known companies. So there was 7 years here, another 7 years there, then 11 years somewhere else in addition to some shorter stays. Everything seemed to be going to plan. Then by 2012, a number of things changed. The media publishing industry where I had over 13 years experience was in steep decline and the same people were chasing an ever decreasing number of jobs.

At the same time my parents were getting older and there were a number of other challenges. It's called 'the sandwich', that period of your life when you are in between older parents and younger children. Having spent over 30 years in employment I decided it was time for a change. I became a carer and in 2012 started the business Hargreaves Marketing, initially as a part time business. As time allowed I built a client base of regular customers and focused on learning a whole load of new things. I did work for free and low cost just to get these new services to market and by offering good value I gradually built things up.

I surprised myself how versatile I was. I got involved in a wide range of services from various types of marketing, to sales training, recruitment, and strategy. When I look back on my career I can see how things developed as they did because the jobs I had been in had covered these areas.

After five years and with things finally starting to become easier at home I felt it was time to try to find a niche. Something I could specialise in, rather than being a 'generalist'. I weighed up a number of options including partnerships with other businesses. After some 'clear thinking' time things started to drop into place. I reviewed all of the projects I had done. I worked out where I had the most success and what I was most interested in and prepared to study deeper. I was honest with myself on what my core competencies and also my weaknesses were. 

The business for 2019 feels like a relaunch. I've eliminated everything that doesn't fit. I've created and redeveloped a range of  services which focus purely on what I believe the businesses and business owners I know I work best with need to develop strong and exciting businesses.

About Hargreaves Marketing Ltd (established 2012)

Hargreaves Marketing Ltd was initially set up to help businesses migrate from traditional marketing to cloud based digital marketing. What actually happened was that I retained many of the the same clients for long periods and provided a wider range of services including sales, marketing, recruitment, culture and strategy.

The business has been influenced both by my career spent mainly in sales and marketing, and also some of the companies and people I worked for and with. I was fascinated by the differences in both atmosphere and performance at the various companies I had worked, especially when times were difficult. It made me look deeper into culture, values, and strategy. I found myself becoming both a student and an advocate of positive culture. I tried to apply these principles in my services and I got my best results with companies that were receptive to this message. 

I continued to study. Sometimes this may have looked random. It felt both random and connected at the same time. Managing change. Strategy. Culture and values-driven organisations. Recruitment. Business Storytelling. Performance. Advanced presentations. Accountability. Then things started dropping into place. Good methodologies help and I found The Balanced Scorecard which is a strategic management framework. It's deeper than the 'back of a napkin' type strategy guides which many businesses use, but it's strength lies in that depth. 

So, where Hargreaves Marketing Ltd is right now in 2019 is a business passionate about 'bringing clarity to strategy'. I have my own range of services and I also work with a number of associates who provide specialist services designed to support my projects.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and my company. Please do look around my website and feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to have a chat with no obligations.

Adrian Hargreaves

Managing Director

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase your capacity to implement strategy by bringing clarity to strategy

Our Vision

To be the UK's leading specialist company at helping organisations increase capacity to implement strategy

Our Values


Vision, agility, planning and determination. 

We aim to provide substantive and fast paced services to enable transformation.


Always be learning and sharing

We apply what we learn for the benefit of our customers


Let's solve our customer's problems

By helping solve customer problems we make them stronger


Honest, trustworthy, confidential

Customers can trust us to make decisions and recommendations in their interests


Free from control and influence

We develop our own services and operate as we see fit for the benefit of our customers. We choose our own path and pivot our strategy when necessary.


Adrian Hargreaves, Managing Director of Hargreaves Marketing Ltd

Strategy Execution and Communication

Bringing Clarity to Strategy