22nd February 2019

Clarity Beats Gimmicks in Presentations

Whether it is a presentation or just a simple conversation, in business the primary need is to take the opportunity to get your message across. This […]
22nd February 2019

How to be confident in your marketing return on investment numbers

Everyone of course sees things a little differently based on their own experiences and attitudes, so it was interesting to get into a conversation with a […]
8th January 2019

The balanced scorecard is for everyone

If you are looking for a more inclusive strategy framework, then the popular balanced scorecard may be what you are looking for. Many companies focus only […]
8th January 2019

If your knowledge management project appears overwhelming, refer back to your strategy

When we work with clients on implementing a strategy, what we often find to be a problem is their ability to capture and share knowledge. Basically, […]
20th December 2018

Welcome to adrianhargreaves.com blog

A new brand Whilst this is not my first ever blog, it is my first blog from adrianhargreaves.com, so it is perhaps worth a few lines […]