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How clear are your business strategies?

Whilst it is possible to run a business on a day to day basis without any concern to strategy, there are risks to this approach. Forward looking companies and organisations that want and need to achieve higher performance pay great attention to strategy and culture. They also work hard to ensure that the strategies which have been created are aligned with each other and are communicated across the business to employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

The importance of clarity of strategy is shown every day in business media newspapers, magazines, specialist TV channels such as Bloomberg with interviews of CEO's and other senior executives. They know how critical it is to communicate to their investors a clear vision and strategy.

Strategy is for companies of all sizes from the one-person start-up, small-medium sized businesses, through to the largest of global organisations. A one-person business owner meeting a business adviser and hoping to secure some type of funding or support will have a greater chance of receiving that support if they can display a clear and realistic vision and strategy. Fast forward a few years and that same business owner, having built up the business, may be thinking ahead about an exit plan and selling the business. What potential investors will want to see is a strategy map showing real depth and purpose.

For most businesses strategy is all about focusing on and driving forward what is important. As a company grows and accumulates more products, services, people, business units, perhaps even acquires additional companies, the complexity increases. Where once strategy could be drawn on a napkin, or simplified on an Orbit, or Business Model Canvas, there is a need for more clarity through detail. A 'wish list' doesn't stack up to scrutiny. What is required is a well thought through plan, or series of plans which fit together (are aligned), and show in a concise format, exactly how and when the strategy is going to be implemented. Only then will the people who matter, management teams, employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and investors buy into and support the leaders.

We bring clarity to strategy

As a business I focus purely on 'bringing clarity to strategy'. I am able to review, assess, develop execute and communicate your strategies. I do this by providing a one-to-one personal service. For consistent results and best practice, I follow the proven strategic management framework of The Balanced Scorecard.

I am based in Blackburn, Lancashire and offer a UK wide service. 

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