Marketing Strategy

How clear are your marketing strategies?

Many businesses do lots of marketing and 'get by' without thinking about strategy at all. In fact, it has never been so easy to fall into that way of doing things. Where as once business owners found companies such as directory, newspapers, trade magazines, business exhibitions etc. to 'do marketing' for them, now it is possible for every business to do something themselves instantly. An example of this is social media. Think of a post and put it out there. 

Posting on social media is an activity. Running an advertising campaign on Google pay per click is an activity. Activities are not strategies. The reality is that many businesses and organisations are extremely busy doing marketing activities, but there are no real strategies.

More advanced companies and organisations may have a different problem. Whilst they may have some clearly defined strategies, what they don't have is an alignment with the organisation's other strategies, such as business strategies or sales strategies. A lack of alignment leads to people pulling in different directions. Where there should be co-operation and collaboration and teamwork to achieve a common goal, there is frustration and conflict.

Clear marketing strategies position marketing in a strong position as a profit generator rather than a cost centre. 



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We focus purely on 'bringing clarity to strategy.' We can help you review, assess, develop, execute, and communicate aligned business, marketing and sales strategies so that they all work well together.

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