Strategy Planning Meetings and Live Events

What we don't do

We don't do 'walk-away' training sessions and leave you to get on with things afterwards.

We don't run overcrowded group sessions.

We don't create events which as people to travel unnecessarily.

We don't take months to go nowhere.

There is a better way


What we will do

We guide and assist you through every stage of the planning, communication, and implementation process.

We maximise the potential of small groups.

We maximise the use of web meeting and collaborative technologies to avoid unnecessary travel and dramatically speed up the strategy building process.

If we do recommend a meeting which requires you to take people off the road and out of offices, we will do all we can to make it very worthwhile.


Independent Managed Strategy Programmes

As experienced external marketing consultants with no internal agenda, we are ideally positioned to help guide you through the strategy implementation process so that your strategies can take flight.

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