Sales Strategy

How clear are your sales strategies?

Many companies 'just get on with' sales. After all, if you have experienced salespeople, why not just leave them to get on with it? Similarly many salespeople are quite happy being left alone, and some perform very well doing so. All this leads the question why bother with sales strategies?

The answer to that question is often found in sales meetings where there are those uncomfortable moments when it is realised that there are clear differences in what the company assumed was happening, and wanted to happen, and what the salespeople are doing, and the results being delivered.

Situations like this happen all the time resulting in huge frustration on all sides and leading to major problems including a poor customer experience, conflict and negative tension between different departments and individuals, and an unnecessarily high sales staff turnover.

There is a better way. Clear and aligned sales strategies lead to sales being positioned in a strong position as a collaborative profit driving function.

We bring clarity to strategy

We focus purely on strategy. We can help you assess, review, develop, execute and communicate aligned strategies. We can also drill down into sales strategy execution through strategic selling programmes, key account strategy training, and sales playbook production.

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