Strategy Applications

Whilst every business can benefit from having strong and clear strategies, some businesses and organisations have very strong strategy needs including:

Exit Strategy

If you are hoping to sell your business in the next several years, then getting a clear strategy which you can easily communicate to prospective buyers is essential.

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I work confidentially with business owners who are gearing themselves up to exit their business sometime in the future. For more information please contact me.

Multiple Business Units

If you have created additional business units you will have done this because there are significant differences between them which requires for them to be operated differently from each other. Consequently each business unit will almost certainly require its own strategy in addition to the corporate strategy for the business itself.

Multiple Businesses

If you have acquired additional businesses, as with additional business units, each different business will require its own strategies.

Application of Strategy Using The Balanced Scorecard 

The Balanced Scorecard framework  is designed to cope with the added complexities created when developing, executing and communicating strategies for multiple businesses and business units.

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